Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Today, we really failed

On logging in a CTA went up, for the final timer of GE-8 station.
We joined up and in intel a PL/Test fleet was reported heading our direction.
Fleetmember: FC, let's undock or we get camped in!
Nothing happens and we get camped in for 40 minutes.
Retarded Test monkey chatter in local as usual (seriously are they collecting their members in asylums?).
When the enemy fleet finally left, I used the chance to evacuate my last 4 ships from Catch.
Then another CTA goes up, FC asks for 1400 Nados and I join with Trebron. We warp to a safe POS and wait. Command goes out to dock and switch to Tengus. I leave fleet with Trebron and join with James in a Scimitar. We shoot a POS, Test/PL fleet cynoes in, we are commanded to dock and switch to 1400 Nados :)
I leave with James, join with Trebron and we are bubbled into station :)
This was the first time I really had to laugh about our own "performance".

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