Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Not much action and a loss mail

Yesterday not much was happening in my corner of the universe. I roamed around in a stealthbomber and in a T1 cruiser but failed to produce any killmails.
While hunting an enemy Sabre interdictor,  I managed to jump my Vexor class cruiser into a gatecamp with 40 Nagas. Which,of course, resulted in a lossmail.
This was the last of my beloved Vexors, I need to order some new ones.
Other than that I did some (5) solo bombing runs on the Naga gang above and a small PL cruiser gang. Not surprisingly this resulted in no kills, but it was good practice. On  2 runs I did zero damage, so I really need to improve there.
But I am quite good now in picking my bomb spots and in bombing and getting out without even being shot at.
Probably I should try to form small gangs of bombers for my runs. If I would have had company yesterday, we could have easily taken out a good portion of that Naga gang.

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