Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Move to Nullsec!

I accepted the convo request and was quite surprised. As the CEO of Nich Die Mama I was asked if we would like to join an alliance that rents space in Nullsec. This sounded almost too good to be true, as we were tired of Hisec anyway. Still all my alarm bells were ringing...Eve was hard and everyone a scammer and/or griefer, right?
But I accepted to talk to the alliance leader on comms, after I consulted my friends. They were both ready to go, if the offer was acceptable and (with high probability) not a scam attempt.
The alliance leader named Lazerous Draven seemed to be a reliable and laid back person and an agreement was reached. They even offered to jump our assets to our new home. We packed up what we thought we needed and off we went.
Sounds easy, but was rather painful. And of course we had no idea what we really needed and brought a bunch of useless stuff :)

Now we had to travel ourselves. Destination was UCG-4 and BUZ-DB in Catch, sovereignity of Demolition Dogs, our new alliance. The only entry to that region is HED-GP which directly leads to Hisec (Keberz system). HED is always heavily camped and the pipe to UCG-4 is also roamed by many PvP fleets. We did not yet have access to jumpbridges either. In fact we did not even know that something lile jumpbridges existed.

Zaknafein was the first to travel with his 2 toons and went without me. He managed to reach HED-GP station and put his clone there. After that he got blown up in the pipe to BUZ but later managed to reach his destination. My journey was uneventful and I arrived unharmed. Patrick opted to stay in Hisec for the time being, doing incursons.

So there we were, sitting in a POS bubble in an unknown and hostile universe. We were expected to set up our own POS and heavily relied on Lazerous, as we had no jumpfreighters or carriers.
He sold us an Amarr tower (we had Ice belts in our 2 systems for that) and some modules and contracted us our stuff from Highsec. Puh. So, really not a scam :)
Lazerous and his corp were rather busy themselves and not helping as much as we had expected and hoped. At least that was how we felt at that time, I now know better. We just could have asked and talked more, but we were a bit shy :)

At least after some pleading and reminding we also got fuel for roundabout 2 days. Which basically meant: we had 2 days to set up our POS, haul and store our stuff and get PI and icemining up. We also missed stuff like command centers for that. With nerves very tight, but also excited we got to work immediately. Anchoring skill to 2 was soon finished. We bought an Iteron in a nearby station and other stuff. It was very exciting to scout it through this dangerous unknown territory. The next two days we were busy almost 24/7 to get everything running. But we managed. Very barely. And produced some fuel.
We now had our own home, floating in empty space, protected by a bubble shaped forcefield.

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