Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Ships delivered, good fight had

The ships I ordered yesterday evening have already been delivered and I immediately went forth to fit them. Just when I was finished, a Naga fleet was formed, which I joined.
A hostile Gorgon Empire Naga fleet with similar numbers was engaged two jumps out in DSS-EZ.
Primaries were called and ships started to explode on both sides. One of the first casualties was our FC, but the second in command was quick to take over. We were getting the upper hand though and the enemy started to disengage. Due to capacitor issues some of our fleetmembers could not keep up and we reformed on our anchor.
The enemy got reinforcements in form of a bomber wing with recon support and we jumped into MB40-4. We pulled range to 50km and waited if someone would follow.  And indeed a Thrasher and a Manticore were added to my killmails for this day. In summary I got onto nine killmails (the rest were Nagas and one Huginn). Contrary to the last engagements I was not primaried in this one and survived for a change. Good fight Gorgon Empire. We are orange to each other but still have mutual respect. Our fights against them are always fair and good natured. Overblobbing is generally avoided.

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