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Deployments summary

finally I would like to finish up my summary of the past and end in the here and now with the story. So this will be the last post from the past.
We had several deployments, the first I think was to X-70MU. I did not even know what the objective was, nor did I care. As I had (and still have) no carrier, I had to manually pilot my ships to the destination. As most people know, the Torrinos gate is always heavily camped, but I managed to reach my destination unharmed. In a bomber with James and in a Hurricane with Trebron.
At the deployment zone I bought several ships for roaming and CTAs. For roaming a Cynabal and Tornadoes and Oracles (mostly) for CTAs. I joined every fleet I could find and got my first experience. I still remember how high my adrenaline levels were and how eager I was to obey every command and not mess up. There I got my battle hardening and many many killmails.
Especially a roam in nano ships (where I brought my Cynabal) to Mittanigrad stays in mind. I learned to kite and to fight heavily outnumbered. We killed a good amount of ships and lost none. This was very impressive for me and I admired the FC for it.
Also in mind was a black ops which I joined with James where we busted a mining op with Torp bombers. We snagged an Orca, a Tengu and some Hulks. Also we did a bombing run (my very first!) against around 150 Goon drakes. I messed up and did not warp out in time, which got me exploded before my bomb hit. The others managed to get theirs in and this resulted in more than 100 killmails for everyone. Except me :(

When the deployment ended I had to manually fly my stuff back, we had several wardecs and the Torrinos gate was also not very inviting. But I managed to get most everything home. A cynabal loss weould be a huge loss for me, so I am always a bit nervous with those.

After that followed some weeks of roaming our home region Catch, where I got more experience in Oracle and Tornado fleets.

Then the next deployment already was to Delve / Querious. First to a Nulli Secunda station, then to 319-3D NPC station. There we were mostly camped into station by a huge blob of enemies. Goons, TEST, PL and friends. They never hesitate to throw a thousand pilots into combat against 200 enemies. That's fine and I have no complaints about that. Sometimes we even tried to give them a fight, like one day when we undocked ~200 Arty Lokis against 400 enemies. We would have fought, but they brought an additional 600 guys and we redocked. I fully understand the decision of -A- not to fight against those odds for two reasons:
o it does not make sense to whelp fleets if there is nothing to win
o we play for fun and fighting 1:5 outnumbered in TiDi is definitely not fun. Small gangs are more our playstyle.
Of course our enemies mock us for not undocking and fighting, but seriously, why should we?
They try to make the numbers look even, in order to ridicule us. They even invented a "Southern Coalition" or SoCo that never even existed. They made that up completely. All we have is some alliances that are blue to each other (the less the better), but without obligations, common leadership or goals. SoCo does not exist and never has.

We finally had to retreat to 4-07 in Querious, right at the border of Catch. The goons headed home, but TEST with PL formed their own power block, and created a huge NAPfest of about 40.000 people to fight us. Still they almost lost the fight for 49-U6U, the entry system to Querious.
We beat them on every battle, and very hard too. For the final station timer they showed up with incredible numbers. We had a huge (for us) fleet of around 500 guys and they had more than double those numbers. Also they formed up faster than we did and camped the 4-0 gate in 49-U.
So we could not jump in and the fight never happened.
Also we lost 15 supercarriers on a massive welp on their K-6K16 deployment station. Our FC Makalu Zarya warped the supers directly to their station in order to incap the station services. A move that was mocked by many, but it really was only bad luck that they got bubbled and killed.
As luck would have it, TEST just 10 minutes before had got some freighter loads of Interdictors to exactly that station. Else our tengu fleet could have easily killed all their dictors. But they had neverending supplies because of that delivery. Maka even bought up all public contracts with Dictors in it. To no avail. PL landed a massive amount of SCs and Titans and gone were our supers.

From now on things went south for us. PL blued even more alliances, created a massive propaganda offensive and snagged some of our allies to their sides.
They even have their own "news site", which does not deserve that name, because there is no objective journalism there, but only propaganda.
Also PL created a new fleet doctrine that countered our Tengu fleet very well. Long Range faction battleships with massive tank and very good tracking. Supported by carriers with for reps and with sentry drones. As we can not "ship up" because of PLs superiority in Titans and supercarriers there is not much we can do.
Still we took every fight we could and had as much fun as possible. My personal killcount went up to over 500.
So finally they assaulted our staging system and the evacuation order was given. We redeployed our PvP ships to GE-8 (our capital in Catch) and all our other assets to LGK in NPC region Stain.
After some halfhearted fighting for GE-8 we fully retreated to LGK now and GE-8 is lost.
We gave up all of Catch as we have no intention to fight those numbers. No fun to be had in that.
They can happily shoot the massive amount of structures in Catch and take everything. We will only resort to guerrilla tactics and cause as many losses for them as possible.
We lack the numbers to fight against them and we also don't want to. I really wonder what they will do in Catch. There is nothing there. No moons, no nothing. And they certainly can't install renters there, with us next door! After all -A- still is, and always will be, the single most destructive PvP alliance in all of Eve. As they surely won't live there themselves, I really wonder what this is all about. But it generates fights and that is ok for me.

Funny is how they still use their propaganda. For instance they mock ROL for not fighting back. But first they infiltrate ROL with spies and explode them from within. So they actually prevented them from fighting, but then state "fight us maybe?". Makes no sense, therefore purely propaganda.

So the purpose of the invasion seems not to be to generate fights. They don't want us to fight obviously. If someone knows what's going on, please comment and tell me. Why is PL invading?
I am just curious, it doesn't really matter. The sniper and bomber fleets generate a lot of fun and killmails for me, so it is all good. But curiosity remains. What is it all about? Has Maka touched Shadoo somewhere he should not have?

From now on I will switch to a day by day blog format.

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