Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Corp evolvement, death and revival

Life continued for a while, with mission running and occasional low sec roams (where we mostly spectacularly died in a fire..which is to be expected, considering we were still far below 10 million skillpoints).
Zaknafein and Patrick both created additional accounts, I refrained from doing that.
So our corp grew in numbers, but not in people.

As you probably expect, we soon were war decced by a small griefer corp. This was not very shocking to us, in fact we were looking forward to that and happily took the fight that was brought to us. Of course we did not have the slightest chance. For instance I got blown up in a Vexor by a Cynabal. We were always totally outmatched and the fights far from fair. This is not a complaint :)
So after some weeks we ran out of PvP ships and decided to "opt out" of the wardec.
Everyone left the corp, I created an alt (on my first account) and transferred the corp to him. Or that was the plan. As soon as Zak and Paddy had left the corp with all of their toons, our enemy (Dread Space Inc. btw) withdrew the wardec. So everyone rejoined and we were fully functional again.

Hungry for more (maybe less one sided) we stepped up our PvP a bit. I was trying to find ways to PvP besides low sec roams and stumbled over a blog about Ninja Salvaging:
Now that sounded interesting. Probing was skilled and off we went. To make a long story short: not many kills were generated (less than 5 in months), because the mission runners were already well aware of the tactics involved. But lots of tears were shed.
We got a wardec by a one man corp, who wanted to be a white knight. We blew him up in his Battleship and that was that. Some other guy named erdinuss massively fell on our nerves and we suicide ganked his retriever. Which was very exciting by the way. He was a member of a 50+ man corporation which we promptly wardecced. Yes. We wardecced them!
The first days they actively hunted us which always resulted in us retreating to lowsec where they did not dare to follow in their expensive ships (Tech 3 and HACs mostly).
Their normal operations were pretty much completely interrupted by us (mining ops) and when we almost managed to kill an Ishtar, they left Cat completely. The Ishtar was nano-fit and I was in a dual rep Myrmidon which happily tanked the damage from T2 sentries and Ishtar Rails. Patrick in his Dominix had previously not managed to tank it and lost his ship. I managed to pull off a crazy ivan and got the Ishtar into overheated scram range. Sadly I failed to turn off heat (the interface was lousy) and my scram burnt out and he got away in hull. On paper we lost, but we held the field. We withdrew the wardec.
Things started to get boring again. Missions were meh, ninja salvaging was meh, exploration sites had to many competitors in T3s. Patrick trailed off to Incursions and Zak and me were roaming more and more into lowsec. One day when Zak had learned to fly bombers we had a noteworthy battle.
I boarded a heavily 1600mm plated and trimarked Vexor with small guns and drones. Zak boarded his bomber. On a lowsec gate we met a -10 Hurricane, which I promptly engaged. In went his friends in a Myrmidon and a Tempest. Ouch. I held point on the Cane which soon went down to drones and Torpedoes. After that I switched point to the Myrmdion while my tank still held. But the Tempest started to neut me and my point failed when the Myrmidon went into structure. It warped out :(
We switched damage to the Tempest, which also went into hull (as did I), but it also warped off, because I had no cap. This was a very exciting battle for us and our greatest PvP success so far.
Next I got a private convo request from a character named "TheFearlessPrincess"). More on that in the next blog entry.

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