Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Dread down (and me too)

Today on logging in, the station in LGK was again bubbled by PL carriers and Navy Armageddons.
A battleship fleet was formed to clear the undock. I joined with James Kreator in an Oneiros. After undocking the enemy jumped in a fleet of Dreadnoughts. It soon became clear that we were unable to break their tanks und to make things worse, we lost quite a few battleships.
Maka told us to reship into Tengus, so James jumped into a Scimitar.
We undocked and managed to immediately kill a very expensive Revelation class Dreadnought:
Revelation Dread
TEST jumped in an additional fleet, so we were not only outnumbered, but megablobbed (again). Due to confusing and conflicting orders we started to lose Scimitars and Tengus. The killboard shows 7 lost Tengus, 8 lost Scimis and a few tackle. 
As we were facing more than 250 capitals and battleships in our fleet of roundabout 130 ships we had to dock again.
Looking at the ISK war we came out even. Good enough against those odds. If you don't count the lost battleships that is...But honestly: we should blueball them again in the future. If they don't want to fight, we shouldn't undock.
Oh, and I lost my Scimitar, but it will be fully reimbursed. At least I hope so...still missing reimbursements for two Tempest battleships and a Tornado (and a True Sansha Thermic Hardener I gave to Maka hehe j/k).

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