Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Dropped corp

As we had comfortably settled in, we could start to enjoy our new nullsec home. Money making opportunities were plenty, mostly we did anomalies.
The -A- intel channel (we rented the systems from them, as you might have guessed) warned us about incoming enemies and we never got caught with our pants down.
The old PvP nerve started to itch again and we sometimes headed out for adventure. Now the disadvantage of being a renter started to show. We were not "blue" to everyone we should, even some of the closest allies of -A- refused to blue us.
Especially Red.Overlord (ROL) made a habbit of farming -A- renters in Catch. I think they saw this as one of the benefits of being allied to -A-: many renters to shoot.
Of course this also prevented us from going to CTAs as we got blown up when trying to join the fleets. Mostly by ROL. I lost many ships to them, most notably two or three Deimos HACs. Suffice to say: I still don't like them, even if they are +10 now officially. Suckers :)
I even giggled a bit when they failscaded (to a degree, they still exist) recently.

This escalated to a point where we had to make a decision. Stay renters, without much PvP or get closer to -A-? We decided on the later and accepted an offer to join "En Garde" alliance, the closest ally to -A-. Of course this meant that I had to drop "Nich Die Mama" again. Which I did. It is still held by an alt, that was created when we had to evade a Hisec wardec. Zak and me joined "Tolerance Training Academy", the corp of Lazerous and proud member of En Garde.

As of today this turned out to be the best decision we ever made in Eve Online. The game really started to take off from there...but I am too fast again...back to the past:

The system (UCG-4) where our POS was located was rented to another corp, so we had to move out. Thankfully only 1 jump to BUZ-DB, where En Garde promptly built an outpost which we could use.
So we dismantled the POS and the modules and moved into BUZ.
There is a very sad point to this story: my long term RL friend and ingame corpmate Zak started to lose interest in Eve (maybe triggered by the recent events? I don't know) and started to play Diablo and later World of Tanks. He has not logged in since :( Patrick stopped playing when incursions were nerfed in a recent patch, so I am the only one left of our threesome.

I soon noticed that I had a lot of skills to learn if I wanted to fly in all the CTAs and immediately went to it. I even started a secound account, to speed things up. James Kreator should become my Logi, prober and "cloaky" character. Trebron would focus on the dps ships. Sidenote: as of today I can fly in all the doctrine fleets with one ore the other. Which was the goal, so op success :)

From now on I would only do PvE stuff if I needed to (for new PvP ships).

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