Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012

It is getting old

On logging in today, I immediately warped James and Trebron to a safe POS in LGK, because I expected more camping of the station.
James was in a Hound, Trebron in a Tornado. It did not take long and a Gorgon Empire fleet (Nagas and some T3 cruisers) entered the system, warped to station and started to camp.
Together with 2 other bomber pilots, James went on a bomb run, but we failed to kill anything. I even managed to only hit the station and nothing else. Obviously I need even more practice.
A Tengu fleet was formed inside the station, as my Scimitar got killed yesterday and I have not yet replaced it, I just stayed in my bomber.
Sadly I was only able to watch most of the fight cloaked. It was a well executed slaughter I must say. Not much of Gorgon Empire survived. At least I got on a Tengu and a Crusader killmail.
After that I docked up to buy and fit a new Scimitar, in order to be more useful to the fleet. This only took me 2 or 3 minutes but exactly when I was done, a PL carrier fleet cynoed to the station and put bubbles up.
We tried to form an armor battleship fleet, but as the membercount reached around 80, the enemy jumped in more carriers. I think they were around 40. Obviously they had spies again and decided that they don't want us to undock for a fight. So they brought numbers we had no hope of fighting against. So I just ratted a bit on the other account (a concept they fail to understand, they really think we cannot play when they camp LGK) and then called it a day.
I think it is really their strategy to permacamp LGK station in the hope we get bored and disband or something? I'd bet a lot of ISK that the only ones bored is them ;) They can't really do something else while camping and we can just do whatever we want. Just not with the toons that are in the station.

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