Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

How embarrassing - second part

As can be read in my last post, I was still in Hisec when I logged in yesterday.
I did not have much time for playing, so I just wanted to check if we have a suitable exit, so I can come back home.
And I had luck: there was a random Hisec exit. And more random wormholes to Nullsec and C4 and C5 wormhole space.
Very good.
I undocked in my staging system (Cat in Essence) in my newly fitted Talos and headed to Amarr space. Some 20 jumps.
At the same time I went shopping with my Alt in Amarr. He bought Torps and bought and fitted a Scythe logistics cruiser. All went well and soon I was back in our wormhole with my new ships.
As there was not much that could be done with so many open connections, I decided to only check my PI planets and then call it a day.
Remember my friend, who scouted for me the other day? He was also online, but afk. One Alt in a Crow, the other in a Hurricane.
While browsing my planets I suddenly notice 3 Proteus and 1 Legion on DScan. I warn my corpmates and don't think much about it.
When suddenly those ships appear at our forcefield. Why are they doing that? The question is quickly answered. Somehow my friend in his Hurricane drifted outside of the forcefield. Like 200km outside that is. Some 15 seconds later he is exploded and podded :) Nothing much I could do alone against 4 T3 cruisers. In 15 seconds.
After my friend had finished his dinner he came back to his keyboard and into TS3..."Why am I podded!!!"...yes indeed. I don't know.

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

How embarrassing

After some days in the wormhole I feel quite at home. We cleared all the anomalies and signatures and set up PI just fine.
All was running smoothly until today. I only logged in to check if we have a suitable exit to go and get a ship from Hisec. I felt the need for a battleship, a neut and sentry domi specifcally.
So I was only logging in from my notebook, lying on my sofa.
As luck had it, our static low was only 1 jump from Hisec, 8 from HEK.
So I left in my pod. I noticed a gatecamp on the Hisec gate, but I would have to deal with that later. If it was still there. Fitting the Domi consumed quite some time. When finished I asked my friend to go scout if the camp is still there.
So I just made some safespots on the Hisec side within scan range of the gate and observed.
An other friend scanned for an alternative wormhole route. The friend in the lowsec system provided eyes on the gatecamp.
After a while he told me that the campers have jumped out and I am clear to go. So I did. If they are not in local and not on my side of the gate, they can't catch me.
So I jump and what happens? 5 guys decloak...and have an Arazu so I can't reach the gate again.
Perfect. Obviously my eyes is not used to local any more :D
And I died. Horribly. Very embarrassing.
Here is the killmail.

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

Next Try

Remember how mys hauler was shot at by a bomber pilot while I was onlining my last wormhole tower?
The guy piloting the bomber then helped us out with some modules and now he helped even more.
My friend and me were invited to join his wormhole corp. We decided to accept the kind offer and just moved in. The last ships and equipment are just arriving in our new C2 home.
In the meantime I made a bit of money by grinding Sisters of Eve loyalty points. The SOE frigates and cruiser really sold for a premium. Quite nice.

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

Our wormhole has new owners.

At 10:00 this morning, our Tower was shot down after only 3 days.
Very bad luck, but at least the aggressors are living in there now. So it was not only an act of violence.
We could not protect what we had, so it was taken. That's why we all like EVE so much :)
Congratulations to Repo. for a job well done and good luck in your new home.
I will move into an other wormhole now or tomorrow. More info later.

Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

And the adventure ends

Obviously our neighbour knew something that we did not know.
He evacuated yesterday.
And today in the night our tower was shot into reinforce. We had it for 3 days only.
I heard that this does not happen often, so I wonder who did it and why.
Well it was worth a try. Somehow I don't have much luck in this game or a massive lack of skills :)

Mittwoch, 1. Januar 2014

Found a hole

So as hinted before, we actually found a suitable wormhole. It is a C2 with a static lowsec exit.
There are 3 Towers in it, 2 are abandoned, but one was active.
But: dozens of signatures and sites, no PVE shipkills for 2 weeks. The tower belongs to a 6 man corp. Chances are that they are only there for the PI or for nothing at all.
So next thing you know our medium tower goes up. Somehow we will come to terms with the residents. Coexistance is definitely an option for me and my friend. We will negotiate later.
After the tower is anchored and 5 minutes left until going online, a bomber decloaks and shoots at my Iteron. As we have an exit to highsec I simply warp out. My friend stays put in  a Cane and almost kills the bomber.
We talk to him a bit and obviously he is from the neighbouring C2. We come to terms and blue each other. He even gives us some modules for the POS.
The tower goes online and we seriously start ferrying goodies.
Soon later there is more trouble brewing. A wormhole PvP corp shows up with several T3, a shield logi and a dictor. We just wait until they get bored and haul in our last bits.
We have stronted the tower, fuel for > 2 weeks, PvE boats, PvP boats, bombers, probers, salvagers and miners ready. All is fine and cozy.
Today we ran the first sites and slowly get a feel for the life in a wormhole.
I hope we can establish ourselves in there.

Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

Getting a feel for things again

So by now I created contracts for my stuff in Nullsec. I even jumped back and flew my Proteus out the hard way. Ok, it was configured cloaky / nully, so not a big deal. But still it was 20 jumps through hostile territory.
All went well though and it sits safely in Cat now. I flew some level 4 missions, just to get accustomed to Eve again. Know what? They are still awful.
My friend Zak also resubbed and he also likes the idea to live in a wormhole. So today in the evening and will resubscribe my second account and start looking for one. Time to get things going.