Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

How embarrassing - second part

As can be read in my last post, I was still in Hisec when I logged in yesterday.
I did not have much time for playing, so I just wanted to check if we have a suitable exit, so I can come back home.
And I had luck: there was a random Hisec exit. And more random wormholes to Nullsec and C4 and C5 wormhole space.
Very good.
I undocked in my staging system (Cat in Essence) in my newly fitted Talos and headed to Amarr space. Some 20 jumps.
At the same time I went shopping with my Alt in Amarr. He bought Torps and bought and fitted a Scythe logistics cruiser. All went well and soon I was back in our wormhole with my new ships.
As there was not much that could be done with so many open connections, I decided to only check my PI planets and then call it a day.
Remember my friend, who scouted for me the other day? He was also online, but afk. One Alt in a Crow, the other in a Hurricane.
While browsing my planets I suddenly notice 3 Proteus and 1 Legion on DScan. I warn my corpmates and don't think much about it.
When suddenly those ships appear at our forcefield. Why are they doing that? The question is quickly answered. Somehow my friend in his Hurricane drifted outside of the forcefield. Like 200km outside that is. Some 15 seconds later he is exploded and podded :) Nothing much I could do alone against 4 T3 cruisers. In 15 seconds.
After my friend had finished his dinner he came back to his keyboard and into TS3..."Why am I podded!!!"...yes indeed. I don't know.

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