Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

How embarrassing

After some days in the wormhole I feel quite at home. We cleared all the anomalies and signatures and set up PI just fine.
All was running smoothly until today. I only logged in to check if we have a suitable exit to go and get a ship from Hisec. I felt the need for a battleship, a neut and sentry domi specifcally.
So I was only logging in from my notebook, lying on my sofa.
As luck had it, our static low was only 1 jump from Hisec, 8 from HEK.
So I left in my pod. I noticed a gatecamp on the Hisec gate, but I would have to deal with that later. If it was still there. Fitting the Domi consumed quite some time. When finished I asked my friend to go scout if the camp is still there.
So I just made some safespots on the Hisec side within scan range of the gate and observed.
An other friend scanned for an alternative wormhole route. The friend in the lowsec system provided eyes on the gatecamp.
After a while he told me that the campers have jumped out and I am clear to go. So I did. If they are not in local and not on my side of the gate, they can't catch me.
So I jump and what happens? 5 guys decloak...and have an Arazu so I can't reach the gate again.
Perfect. Obviously my eyes is not used to local any more :D
And I died. Horribly. Very embarrassing.
Here is the killmail.

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