Mittwoch, 1. Januar 2014

Found a hole

So as hinted before, we actually found a suitable wormhole. It is a C2 with a static lowsec exit.
There are 3 Towers in it, 2 are abandoned, but one was active.
But: dozens of signatures and sites, no PVE shipkills for 2 weeks. The tower belongs to a 6 man corp. Chances are that they are only there for the PI or for nothing at all.
So next thing you know our medium tower goes up. Somehow we will come to terms with the residents. Coexistance is definitely an option for me and my friend. We will negotiate later.
After the tower is anchored and 5 minutes left until going online, a bomber decloaks and shoots at my Iteron. As we have an exit to highsec I simply warp out. My friend stays put in  a Cane and almost kills the bomber.
We talk to him a bit and obviously he is from the neighbouring C2. We come to terms and blue each other. He even gives us some modules for the POS.
The tower goes online and we seriously start ferrying goodies.
Soon later there is more trouble brewing. A wormhole PvP corp shows up with several T3, a shield logi and a dictor. We just wait until they get bored and haul in our last bits.
We have stronted the tower, fuel for > 2 weeks, PvE boats, PvP boats, bombers, probers, salvagers and miners ready. All is fine and cozy.
Today we ran the first sites and slowly get a feel for the life in a wormhole.
I hope we can establish ourselves in there.

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