Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

Getting a feel for things again

So by now I created contracts for my stuff in Nullsec. I even jumped back and flew my Proteus out the hard way. Ok, it was configured cloaky / nully, so not a big deal. But still it was 20 jumps through hostile territory.
All went well though and it sits safely in Cat now. I flew some level 4 missions, just to get accustomed to Eve again. Know what? They are still awful.
My friend Zak also resubbed and he also likes the idea to live in a wormhole. So today in the evening and will resubscribe my second account and start looking for one. Time to get things going.

Samstag, 14. Dezember 2013

Enough WoT...back to EVE

In World of Tanks I have played 12.000 matches by now, mostly in my clan "Druckwelle". My rating is ok, I played clanwars, have 4 Tier 10 tanks and enjoyed the game a lot.
But more and more the cheating servers really annoy me. It is not ok, that the matchmaker / server starts to put you more and more as low tier and in bad teams when you perform well. And that it does that is a fact. I even think it tinkers with penetration / camo / hitrate. But I cannot prove that.

I decided to come back to EVE and resubscribed yesterday. On logging in I found my main account deep in Nullsec in the drone regions. With a lot of assets. In a hostile station.
After short consideration I clonejumped to empire. My assets in the drone regions will be sold for cheap cheap with contratcs.
I issued some Red Frog contracts for my other stuff, want it brought back to Cat in Essence, where it all started. I will consolidate a bit, resub my other account and then decide what to do.
Options are:
- find a C1 or C2 wormhole to live in (maybe with a friend)
- make a fortune in empire (probably not, I rather make one in RL)
- back to sov warfare
- join the militia

I don't know yet. Time will tell. Probably the wormhole :)

Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Performance and Efficiency rating

Generally I am pleased with the way my performance and efficiency ratings in World of Tanks change over time. But there is always ways to improve. And so I analyzed my last ~500 games to find hints how to do so.
And what I found is that I have quite some games where I perform exceptionally well. Most games I at least pull my own weight in damage and kills. But there is also a not marginal percentage of games where I really perform very very poorly. No damage and no other contribution. By avoiding those abysmal games I could improve a lot, because they really pull down the average.
And I die too often. Much too often in fact.
Obviously I play much to risky in random games. And I am always willing to sacrifice my tank when I feel it could win the game. In clan companies that works, but not in random games. Because the team mates are just not reliable.
So I will work on these two issues the next weeks and see if I manage to play it more carefully.

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

World of Tanks progress

I still have lots of fun playing World of Tanks. I even bought a new graphics card, which pushed my fps to around 80 in "High" settings. (And I still see tracers from enemy artillerie, some guys seem to have issues with that).
In the time since my last posting, I pushed my IS-3 to elite status and now could buy the Tier 9 IS-8.
But I am a million credits short.
My most favorite tank is still my VK2801 scout, I scored a whooping 2500 EP (not doubled or so) and got my Ace Tanker badge for it (I have it for 4 tanks now).
Speaking of which: the first weeks I played I was really really awful. Bad performance rating, bad winrate. My Super Pershing was down to 40% winrate!
Now the noobmeter shows me solidly in the "good" rating for the last 500 games. My overall winrate climbs and climbs (up to 49% now and climbing), some tanks are as high as 70% already. Yesterday I even got a topgun badge for the Super Pershing. Winrate of the tank is 45% now. Still bad, but it is solidly over 50% for the last 3 weeks.
Also I began to push for more Tier 8 tanks. With tank destroyers I am up to the Jagdpanther and will soon have the Tier 8 Jagdpanther II (I prefer it over the Ferdinand).
As an artillery I have a GW Panther, but I will probably stop there, because I don't like Arty much. A Tier 6 is a must have though, because of Tank Companies.
Also I have a T-43 which will soon be upgraded to the Tier 8 T-44. In the German tree I put the VK3601 to elite status and can go Panther and Tiger now. But I will stick with the VK. The tier 8 konisch gun is awesome using gold ammo. Very fast reloading, superb penetration and good damage with gold. As a high tier in a random game you always end up with a lot of experience points and the one or other Topgun badge :) I use the stock turret, the upgraded one turns too slow for my taste.
Last but not least I started the French light tree and bought an ELC AMX (skipped the first 4 tiers with free xp). I like the ELC, you can play classic scout or play it as TD if you prefer.
Also I researched the Chinese tree up to Tier 5 with free xp, but did not buy a tank yet.
Yes, I can play Tank Companies now, because I joined the famous Druckwelle clan and I am very proud to be a member!

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

No EvE motivation

obviously my motivation to play EvE is near zero. Ever since the blue blob pushed us out of Catch I was at a loss what to do. I really enjoyed living there and also the PvP.
For me it was not imaginable to ever not play EvE, I was really dedicated and had a lot of fun. Not so anymore. I relocated to the Drone regions with no problems, but never felt at home. And the blue blob is knocking at our doors yet again.
When I think "EvE" I get depressed and I log in less and less. Probably I will let my subscriptions run out. I am vaguely interested in faction warfare, but not to the point to burn all bridges and actually join up.
Long story short: I am on Eve hiatus for the time being. World of Tanks with my clan is just so much more fun....