Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

World of Tanks progress

I still have lots of fun playing World of Tanks. I even bought a new graphics card, which pushed my fps to around 80 in "High" settings. (And I still see tracers from enemy artillerie, some guys seem to have issues with that).
In the time since my last posting, I pushed my IS-3 to elite status and now could buy the Tier 9 IS-8.
But I am a million credits short.
My most favorite tank is still my VK2801 scout, I scored a whooping 2500 EP (not doubled or so) and got my Ace Tanker badge for it (I have it for 4 tanks now).
Speaking of which: the first weeks I played I was really really awful. Bad performance rating, bad winrate. My Super Pershing was down to 40% winrate!
Now the noobmeter shows me solidly in the "good" rating for the last 500 games. My overall winrate climbs and climbs (up to 49% now and climbing), some tanks are as high as 70% already. Yesterday I even got a topgun badge for the Super Pershing. Winrate of the tank is 45% now. Still bad, but it is solidly over 50% for the last 3 weeks.
Also I began to push for more Tier 8 tanks. With tank destroyers I am up to the Jagdpanther and will soon have the Tier 8 Jagdpanther II (I prefer it over the Ferdinand).
As an artillery I have a GW Panther, but I will probably stop there, because I don't like Arty much. A Tier 6 is a must have though, because of Tank Companies.
Also I have a T-43 which will soon be upgraded to the Tier 8 T-44. In the German tree I put the VK3601 to elite status and can go Panther and Tiger now. But I will stick with the VK. The tier 8 konisch gun is awesome using gold ammo. Very fast reloading, superb penetration and good damage with gold. As a high tier in a random game you always end up with a lot of experience points and the one or other Topgun badge :) I use the stock turret, the upgraded one turns too slow for my taste.
Last but not least I started the French light tree and bought an ELC AMX (skipped the first 4 tiers with free xp). I like the ELC, you can play classic scout or play it as TD if you prefer.
Also I researched the Chinese tree up to Tier 5 with free xp, but did not buy a tank yet.
Yes, I can play Tank Companies now, because I joined the famous Druckwelle clan and I am very proud to be a member!

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