Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Performance and Efficiency rating

Generally I am pleased with the way my performance and efficiency ratings in World of Tanks change over time. But there is always ways to improve. And so I analyzed my last ~500 games to find hints how to do so.
And what I found is that I have quite some games where I perform exceptionally well. Most games I at least pull my own weight in damage and kills. But there is also a not marginal percentage of games where I really perform very very poorly. No damage and no other contribution. By avoiding those abysmal games I could improve a lot, because they really pull down the average.
And I die too often. Much too often in fact.
Obviously I play much to risky in random games. And I am always willing to sacrifice my tank when I feel it could win the game. In clan companies that works, but not in random games. Because the team mates are just not reliable.
So I will work on these two issues the next weeks and see if I manage to play it more carefully.

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