Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

Getting a feel for things again

So by now I created contracts for my stuff in Nullsec. I even jumped back and flew my Proteus out the hard way. Ok, it was configured cloaky / nully, so not a big deal. But still it was 20 jumps through hostile territory.
All went well though and it sits safely in Cat now. I flew some level 4 missions, just to get accustomed to Eve again. Know what? They are still awful.
My friend Zak also resubbed and he also likes the idea to live in a wormhole. So today in the evening and will resubscribe my second account and start looking for one. Time to get things going.


  1. What kind of wormhole class are you going to look for? pve/pvp and looking to join a corporation or wil you set up small scale starting with just the two of you?

  2. We are looking for a C1 or maybe a C2 and yes, only my friend and me.
    But joining a big wormhole corp is also an option.