Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

My own corp

Sorry that I did not continue the story, but I am busy evacuating...(I hope that's not a spoiler). It is a bit hard to not blog about the current action but I really should cover the past first.

As I mentioned, I managed to get two friends interested in Eve and they promptly created accounts and started their careers. My toon was set to train corp management and founded a corporation when done. Name: "Nich die Mama". Ticker:"N-D-M".
My friends joined up and we had a merry threesome (ahem). Next task was to find a headquarter. It should have level 1 agents available, not be too far from lowsec and tradehubs and be quiet.
We chose "Halle". Off we went merrily missioning away.
Soon we were running level 3 missions in badly equipped Battlecruisers.

Sidenote: My mate Zaknafein flew a Drake, which was about twice as effective as the Gallente ships me and my other friend where flying and easier to train for T2 modules too! Quite imbalanced if you ask me...this imbalance was also quite frappant when we later flew Battleships, with the Raven being vastly superior (with low level skillpoints).

Soon enough we wanted to step up our game and try our hands on level 4 missions. Surprisingly those were easy to do with three badly fit Battlecuisers and mininmal skillpoints, so we moved to "Cat" in the Essence region, as it had a level 4 agent and was only 2 jumps from "Old Man Star".
We refined our tactics and soon we were able to to the missions alone. Still in low skillpoint battlecruisers. For some of the missions we had to team up (Worlds Collide), but they were all manageable, but time consuming.
So we transitioned to Battleships as fast as possible and continued as usual. All very boring, but hey that's how one starts out! Weeks of mission running followed with very little PvP in between.
This was soon to change...

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