Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012

first shenanigans

At that time I was of course still living in the Gallente starting system with academy school.
After the epic arc had been finished I was falling into a hole of some kind...the missions were not very challenging and a bit dull.
Mining and industry were not for me either. As I had already started reading a lot about aggression mechanics and PvP I went out and bookmarked my home system. I bought a small hauler and went to can flipping some miners. THAT got my blood pumping! But noone wanted to fight back. Not disturbed by that fact, I went forth and really collected the stolen ore in my hauler.
Properly warping to safespots in scanrange of my can and scanning for possible enemies before warping in to collect my price. The ore was worth 2 million ISK, which was a fortune for me.
The next run went not so well, as a Vexor cruiser (white knight syndrome) flipped my can. I did not aggress him, as the pilot was way more experienced than I was of course. I talked a bit to him and he seemed quite astonished that I knew everything about aggression mechanics.
With my blood still pumping strongly I went forth and posted about my adventures in a forum which I share with some friends for our gaming. Of course I hoped that they would give Eve a try too.
Which 2 of them promptly did. More on that in the next post.

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