Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

World of Tanks - what is in my garage

~Five weeks ago I started to play World of Tanks. I would have done so earlier, but three things stopped me:
  1. EVE was too much fun.
  2. WoT refused to run properly on Linux
  3. Gevlon Goblin convinced me that it is rigged.
EVE is still fun, but WoT is too. And as it is  in the nature of EVE that sometimes there really is nothing to do except ship spinning, it is good to have a backup game.
WoT is running on (my) Linux now. FPS is a bit lower than on Windows (strangely so). So I sometimes do boot Windows to play. But it runs.
That leaves the last point. Is hit chance and armor penetration rigged? I am not sure. Probably yes. There are definitely games where you hit every snapshot and penetrate with every hit. In the next game the opposite is true. But that is statistically not an uncommon thing to happen. So I really don't know.  As my "winning" condition is having fun (I already have a job in realtime, don't need one in a game) it is not so important for me. Because the game actually IS fun. Gevlon's winning condition is winning, even if this means grinding, being top ranked in win-percentage, owning all Nullsec etc. This is not for me for one simple reason:
If a game is won, the game is usually over. Finito.
I don't want the games I have fun in to be over. Simple as that.

But I digress :)

On starting with WoT I decided to stick with Russian and German for the beginning. This was quite funny, because right at that time the British tree started and everyone seemed to start with those. But I had a hard time against them, because they were not really new players. Anyway I had fun immediately and played far more hours than I usually do.
Now after 5 weeks I own the following vehicles (all fully upgraded):
Heavy Tank:
up to IS-3, Tier 8
up to Hummel, Tier 5
Scout (light tank):
VK2801, Tier 5
Tank Destroyer:
up to StugIII, Tier 5
Medium Tank:
up to Pz4, Tier 5
Premium Tank:
Super Pershing, Tier 8

The Pz4, Stug3 and the Hummel will all soon be ready for the next tier. I have done around 1600 matches in those 5 weeks, which is an awful lot for me.
The best fun of them all is the VK2801. The tech tree ends with it, there is no upgrade. And you don't need any. You will often end in matches with Tier10 tanks, but it does not matter. The VK2801 can really contribute there as a passive or active scout and/or Arty killer.
Don't ever underestimate his 10,5cm gun, loaded with HE shells. It can oneshot a Tier5 heavy tank if lucky and cause serious damage to the Tier 9 and 10 tanks. You can actually solo Tier 9 tank destoyers in it. Absolutely awesome machine, I am often sitting in my chair, laughing like a madman while driving this tank.
But it is good to play the other types too. So you can better understand how to battle each type of tank and also because each type has unique and entertaining gameplay. Sniping with Tank Destroyers (My Stug and Pz4 have the same derpgun mounted as the VK), wolfpack hunting with the Mediums, Brawling with heavies or raining destruction with Arty, all is unique and entertaining.
The Super Pershing is somehow a class of its own. Slower than a heavy tank, more front armor than most, a rather accurate and fast loading gun with medium penetration and low damage make it hard to learn. In the beginning I considered it to be totally crappy and had below 40% wins (I know I know...), but as I get used to it my winrate increases and the fun too. I actually enjoy to drive it by now and also already got my "Ace Tanker" mastery badge in it.

I am curious: what are your favorite tanks? And secondly: what do you think about the Super Pershing? Balanced? Sub par? Overpowered?

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