Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

Be careful what you ask for my last entry I complained about my empty killboard. Well, I managed to change that. Sadly in the wrong direction, by losing more ships.
On the weekend I attended two CTAs. They went like this:
  • 45 minutes formup
  • 60 minutes sitting on Titan.
  • 40 minutes without action
  • 20 minutes travel home
The second CTA almost got exciting. We wanted to shoot an SBU, but the enemy brought superior forces (Tengu fleet and Battleship fleet). Local was at 800.
We retreated to a safe POS. Some newcomer to the fleet asks for the POS password and some people gave it to him. 30 seconds later the Tengu fleet warps into the POS. As we were in Hurricanes, they did not manage to bump someone out. One has to simpy orbit the tower and nothing bad can happen.
Way to burn a spy. Good that he is gone.
After some fruitless dancing in the POS the enemy warped away, leaving a Tengu just outside the forcefield. Bait of course. We burned out anyway and killed him, barely making it back in before the enemy arrived yet again. Sadly I did not get on the mail. the thing exploded just as my lock resolved.
Thanks and props to our FC, who organised a Titan bridge to get us safely home.

Other than that I participated in some gatecamping that also netted no kills.

In the lowsec pipe to our Nullsec corner a "pirate" corp has set up their home, going by the name "Inglorious Squirrels". They make a habit of killing our Cyno ships. So we decicded to pay them a visit. We formed up in Hyperion, Drake, Crow, Loki, 2 ships I forgot, and me in a Deimos.
We wanted to teach them a lesson.
Of course they did not fight (they never do except they have the megablob on their side) and only did some station games. What we did not know: they batphoned some people not in their corp.
So when I aggressed a Tengu on station half a dozen battleships undocked and exploded me and our Drake. So we ended up being the ones learning a lesson.
And my last loss was a Hurricane battlecruiser. My friend Zak asked me if I wanted to help with a 5/10 Plex (escalation), 2 BCs should be enough. I agreed and came with a Cane (he was in a Tengu). I entered the Plex with him- did not really see how many rats there are because lots of structures cluttered my overview- MWDed to the rats and started shooting. And dropped into armor. And got stuck on some structure trying to warp out. And exploded :)
What happened? Well, it was a 10/10 Plex, not a 5/10. They seem to have the same name. Drone still hold surprises.
Thankfully the Tengu was able to clear the first room  (but not more) and loot some of my modules.
I was too pissed afterwards to come back in proper ships and do the Plex. In Sansha space I did 8/10 and 10/10 "alone"(dualboxing) and got some pricey loot (e.g. a Nightmare blueprint). But I fear the drones would not drop any loot anyway. They never seem to do, not even the faction spawns.

I hope "my" EVE will be more fun soon, because recently bad luck and bad decisions seem to ruin my gameplay. Fun is different to be honest.

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