Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012


Rollout of the new patch went surprisingly well. No issues whatsoever. This is definitely a first for me. I am playing EVE on Linux (and sometimes a Mac) and there were no issues with wine either. Launcher, Updating and the game itself work without changing anything in the configuration.
Up to now I can only comment on a few of the changes:
Hurricane Nerf: not really bothers me. I just ripped out one of the T2 neuts and all else is just like before. Maybe I will install a Powercore in the lows instead of a tracking enhancer and keep the two Neuts. Time will tell.
  • Target circles and the new damage texts: very cool. I like this one a lot.
  • NPC AIs: as I am ratting with sentry guns, I was a bit afraid of this change. But it turns out it is a non issue. No problems. In fact it has become easier, because rat Battleships will always target me instead of my drones. I don't even recall them anymore when new waves spawn. Awesome.
  • New ships: I don't know yet. But I will probably use the Tristan as an AFK salvage boat (drones) in my alt. It can clean up the drone rat wrecks of my finished anomalies haha :) The new logis look interesting for roams. I was always hesitant to fly the expensive Scimitar, because I am not exactly space rich. The new logi T1 cruisers really look promising. I will have to buy a bunch I guess. Also I like the buff of the Vexor and Thorax, as I like flying those.
I am looking forward to testing all the other game improvements and new ships. The Retribution expansion is the best expansion since I play EVE. The trailer is awesome too. Speaking of which: the new aggression mechanics and the bounty system look very promising. Especially Highsec space could benefit a lot from this. We will probably see a lot more PvP there in the future.
Well done CCP!

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