Montag, 12. November 2012

Still tanking it

Just a short status report about my progress in World of Tanks:
  • Tier 5 artillery (Hummel)
  • Tier 6 Heavy Tank (KV-1s)
  • Tier 8 premium tank (Super Pershing)
  • started with a scout recently (Leopard)
I could go faster, but I enjoy the above machines a lot, so I am not really hard pressed to go up the tiers faster. It was pretty quick anyway ( I guess).

Eve you say? James' subscription has run out. Trebron ist skilling up to carrier. But I am not sure if I want to farm the ISK for the skillbooks and the ship. Because I am a bit unsure how to progress. Nullsec is broken, HBC and goons "are winning" by creating a huge blue napfest and I want no part of that. Sadly they don't even recognize what they are doing...calling it a meritocracy for example.
Faction warfare or maybe wormholes sound interesting.

tl;dr: Eve hiatus not finished. Staying with WoT for the time being.

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