Samstag, 3. November 2012

Lesson learned...the hard way

I managed to get my Proteus ganked.
In a rather idiotic way I must say. I was perfectly aware that I was scanned out and I already warped out twice. But liked an idiot I came back, because what danger can those 3 ships be?
I was able to tank them very long, but not forever. I could not do much damage because I was tracking disrupted, had no drones left and was generally misfit for PvP.
Lessons learned:
- don't PvP in a PvE ship even if you have a point.
- don't use a Proteus for PvE
- don't fit railguns on a Proteus.

This being said, I will not be posting for a while, because I am playing World of Tanks :)

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