Samstag, 24. November 2012

Moving time!

finally I decided to keep playing Eve, I really would miss my corpmates and the game.
So I ripped out all the rigs from my 35 ships and repackaged them.
I sold some stuff, so that 2 freighter loads of stuff and ships remained. Contracted everything to Black Frog for moving it out. Probably I lost 1.5 billion ISK, could be worse.
Also I moved medical and jump clones for James and Trebron to my new home. I am looking forward to some pew pew in my new alliance as soon as I am settled in.


  1. I wondered where you disappeared to...

    How you enjoying the new alliance?

    1. The alliance is ok, nice guys mostly. An improvement over -A- leadership to be honest. But it still does not really feel like home, I am missing Catch and some of the guys a little.
      I am not playing as much as I used to at the moment. We will see how it turns out.